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Talk with an attorney about your car accident    Car Accident Attorneys

Have you been hurt in a car accident?  The attorneys at Lee Myers & O’Connell handle car accident cases.   You should talk with an attorney about your car accident, motorcycle accident or truck accident.

We are experienced attorneys with over 50 years of combined year practicing law.

Your Rights 

If another person caused the car accident and you were injured, the person who hurt you should pay you for your injuries.

The law requires that everyone has car insurance in Colorado.  Car insurance protects people who have been hurt in a car accident.

The person who was hurt can ask the insurance company to pay them for the injuries.

Consult with an Attorney

Our office will advise you about your right to receive payment for your injuries.  We will tell you about how the process works.

Our office will advise you on how to ask the insurance company to pay you for your injuries.  We will also advise you about the court system.

If you have questions and want advice, please call our office at 303-632-7172.   The consultation is free.

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