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John O’Connell

oconnel006 smJohn O’Connell is a lawyer, Commercial Pilot (Single-Multi Engine Land and Sea with Instrument Rating) and an experienced scuba diver (certified advanced open water) who has been litigating general aviation cases, scuba diving, personal injury and complex product liability cases for the past thirty three years. He is admitted to practice law in Colorado, Florida, Hawaii and Massachusetts and is also a member of the Federal Bar for the 1st (District of Massachusetts), 9th (Hawaii), 10th (Colorado), and 11th (S.D. Florida) Federal Circuit Courts. In addition to multiple state and federal admissions he is also licensed as a patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. O’Connell started his career at the Boston law firm of Parker, Coulter, Daley and White where he got his start working on aviation, products, medical products, car accidents and personal injury cases. He founded his own law firm in Massachusetts in 1986, in Florida in 2004, and has now joined the Colorado law firm of Lee, Meyers and O’Connell, LLP as a founding partner. He has been litigating SCUBA diving litigation cases in Hawaii since 1991 initially on a pro hac vice basis and is now licensed in Hawaii. In addition to his undergraduate training at Salem State University, he was a chemistry major at Oregon State University, taken physics and computer programming courses at various colleges and universities, and has taken master’s level courses in computer systems design and analysis at Boston University. Mr. O’Connell now restricts his practice to the preparation and trial of personal injury cases.

Past Litigated Cases

Sanghun Lee

oconnel001 smSanghun Lee, Esq. was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. He speaks both Korean and English. He graduated in 2001 from the University of Colorado at Boulder Campus with a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications and 2004 from the University of Denver College of Law. He was a staff member of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy and a research Assistant for Professor John T. Soma. He also researched and wrote an article entitled “Residential Broadband Service by Wireless,” featured on University Colorado Telecom program website. Sanghun Lee, Esq. worked at a personal injury law firm from 2004 until 2014 when he became a founding partner of Lee, Myers & O’Connell, LLP. For the last ten years, Sanghun Lee has managed the Korean team and has represented approximately one thousand clients in recovering over 17 million dollars for their losses arising out of auto, truck, motorcycles and product defect accidents.


Brett Myers

oconnel004 sm

 Colorado First Judicial District Court Judge L. Thomas Woodford hired Brett Myers as a law clerk intern in 2003. Brett continued to work as a law clerk until the City of Lakewood hired him as a municipal prosecutor in 2006. Later, Brett went on to teach American law at the University of Yeungnam in South Korea for a year. Before Mr. Myers began practicing personal injury law with John O’Connell and Sang Lee, he practiced civil law, including civil litigation, commercial law and real property law. Mr. Myers currently chairs the board for the Korean Academy of Colorado, a school that teaches Korean language and culture to Korean-Americans, Korean-American adoptees, and others who have a special connection to the Korean community. Mr. Myers is proficient in the Korean language. He has studied in France and South Korea with people from all over the world. He has also studied French and Spanish. Mr. Myers is a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the Catholic Lawyers Guild.


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