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Sang Lee is visiting South Korea to promote the sister city relationship between Aurora, Colorado and Seongnam, Korea. Read more here.


Lee, Myers & O’Connell es un patrocinador de la Gala de Campamentos de Patrimonio para niños adoptados. Nosotros estuvimos alli el Sabado en la noche. Por favor vaya a esta pagina  para ver de que trata la organizacion. LMO ha patrocinado el buen trabajo de esta caridad en el pasado y hemos sido voluntarios en sus campamentos tambien.

El baile traditional filipino:



Lee Myers & O’Connell is a sponsor at the Gala for the Heritage Camps for adopted children. We will be there Saturday night. Please check out this organization at LMO has sponsored the good work of this charity in the past and has volunteered at its camps.


Aurora Sister City International (ASCI) named Sanghun Lee as Global Ambassador of the Month. Here the organization had to say about Mr. Lee in the newsletter:

Sanghun Lee, Esq. has been a dedicated member of ASCI since last year. This month, Lee, his colleagues, and volunteers distributed 900 packages of rice and 400 packages of noodles to help 400 members and 20 community organizations in and around the City of Aurora at the Law Offices of Lee, Myers & O’Connell, personal injury and accident attorneys. The rice drive has been a tradition at the firm for three years. Lee devotes his time to the South Korea Sister City Committee and his firm is a Galaxy Sponsor of the Seongnam City Delegation.

For more about the Seongname City Delegation event from March 28 to 30, 2016 click here:…/seongnam-city-delegation-…/


Despite the winter storm, LMO distributed 900 bags of rice and 300 packages of  noddles to the community.  Thank you to all who contributed and participated.  346 individuals and 17 organizations received the donations.  Thank you also to the City of Aurora for its help.  Happy Korean New Year!
Please visit our Facebook page to see photographs at   And like our facebook page.  Happy Korean New Year!

험난한 날씨에도 불구하고 이번 쌀나누기 행사는 리, 마이어스, 오코널 변호사 사무실에서 900포의 쌀과 300 Pack의 라면을 저희 주민 및 지역사회에 전달하는 것으로 마무리 되었습니다. 약 370분들과 17개 단체에 전달이 되었습니다. 후원에 참여해 주신 모든 분들과 이번 행사에서 자원 봉사해 주신 분들께 다시 한번 감사의 말씀을 드리며, 콜로라도 노인회의 조석산 회장님과 임원 여러분들, 그리고 오로라시에서 나오셔서 자원 봉사해주신 임영철님과 Karlyn Shorb님께 깊은 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.

이번 행사 진행에 대한 사진들은에 방문하시면 자세히 보실수 있습니다. 새해 복 많이 받으세요.

2015-16 Colorado Rice Drive
LMO will be hosting is rice drive for families in need this winter.  Instant noodles and bags of rice will be handed out to those families in need.  LMO has been raising funds for this drive since December 1, 2015.  Anyone is welcomed.  First come, first served.
Location: 2851 S. Parker Road, Ste 760, Aurora, CO
Phone: 303-632-7172
First come, first served.
LMO, patrocinará el día 2 de febrero de 2016, una campaña de entrega de arroz para familias necesitadas este invierno. Estas bolsas de arroz y de fideos instantáneos se entregarán a las familias que lo necesiten.
LMO, ha recaudado fondos para realizar esta campaña desde el 1 de diciembre del 2015. Cualquier persona que asista será bienvenida. Las entregas se llevarán a cabo, conforme cada persona vaya llegando
Local: 2851 S. Parker Road, Ste 760, Aurora, CO
Telefono: 303-632-7172
2015-16 Colorado 사랑의 쌀 나누기 행사.
올 겨울도 추워진 날씨를 따뜻하게 녹여 줄 2015-16년 ‘사랑의 쌀 나누기’ 행사가 예정되었다.
LEE, MYERS AND O’CONNELL, LLP(LMO법률사무소: 이상훈변호사, 브렛 마이어스 변호사, 존 오코널 변호사) 는 주관하는 이번 행사 또한 한인 가정뿐 아니라 미국 현지 가정도 도움이 필요한 이웃들에게 쌀과 라면 또는 생필품을 나누어 주고자 하는 사랑의 이웃 돕기 행사이다.
12월 1일부터 기부 및 물품 접수가 시작 되었다.
LMO 법률사무소은 “사랑의 쌀 나누기 행사는 힘든 경제 사정에서도 많은 한인들이 동참해 행사를 성공적으로 이루기를 희망한다” 고 하였다.
LMO 법률사무소는 사랑의 온정을 나누기 위해 목표하고 있는 가구수는 총 1,000가구 이상을 목표로 하고 있으며, 따라서 600포의 쌀과 400박스의 라면, 그 외의 생필품을 준비하려는 목표를 갖고 있다.
이번 행사에 후원을 원하시는 분이나 단체는 덴버 지역은 LMO 법률 사무소(303-632-7172)으로 연락을 주시면 감사 드리겠습니다.
배부 장소:  덴버 – LMO 법률 사무소 (2851 S. PARKER RD., SUITE 760, AURORA, CO 80014)



Lee, Myers & O’Connell is excited to announce the hiring of Mark Rowan as an associate attorney. Mark will be focusing his practice on auto accidents, bad faith insurance litigation and personal injury litigation and handling personal injury claims that do not go to court. Mark speaks Spanish and will be serving the Spanish speaking community in Aurora, Denver, and Colorado Springs as well as other locations throughout Colorado.

Mark’s background shows a strong commitment to the community. Mark: “I am excited to be the newest addition to the LMOC team. It is a joy to return to Colorado after being away eight years. I travelled to Central America while attending Gonzaga University for college, and spent time there learning Spanish and doing mission work. Prior to attending Creighton University School of Law, I held an international volunteer internship with Habitat for Humanity, El Salvador. While working and living in San Salvador I enlarged my understanding of the culture and Spanish language. While attending Creighton I remained active within the community through various clubs and organizations – including the Latino Law Student Association, Military Law Society, and Fellowship of Christian Law Students. I also served the community through working for the State Public Defender’s office and the Federal Public Defender’s Office. These work experiences solidified my desire to assist others, work in an environment centered around client service, and showed how advocacy can bring justice for clients.”

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